It'll At Least Be Interesting - I Promise

Welcome to my site and subsequent blog. I cobbled it together myself (with some guidance from smarter people). A thanks is in order for clicking through to this part and not completely disregarding my gentle prodding to do so on social media. For that, you are my favorite person. Yes, you.

An opening blog entry is a complicated endeavor. This first one should clearly articulate what you'll be in for if (when) you decide to come back. Had I one specific topic in mind, like cooking, it'd be easy to make a grand statement about how I love cooking. I could declare what I’m going to be providing in the realm of food and a sneak peak of recipes for the coming weeks. A taste, if you will. 

Since this blog will be concerned with more than one topic, I’ve decided to swerve into that potential lack of focus and simply promise you everything. Yes. Everything. Full transparency.

Essentially, this blog will become a two-fold endeavor for me; to evolve as a writer (I have to get out of the habit of leaning on passive voice - he ironically says in a parenthetical) as well as act as an avenue for my opinions and thoughts. If you’d like to read about the ongoing adventures of an average-ish, overly thoughtful, and self-examining man, aspiring to be a professional writer and figuring things out as eloquently as possible - this is your place. If not... I guess I can spice it up with culture, city living, travel, food, entertainment, fitness, puppies, kittens, and anything else that's captured the cultural zeitgeist at the moment. Anything for those sweet, sweet, site hits. Click like crazy. Share like crazy. I’m good for it.

Personally and professionally, I’m on the precipice of big change and I can only imagine that it’ll be a fascinating read. I’ve decided to pursue a longstanding dream and am inviting you to sit in the passenger seat. This won’t always be about my trials and tribulations, but I’m a pretty transparent guy. If it comes up, it comes up. 

I’ve got a good deal of things planned during this transition of career, from building a portfolio website and starting a blog (thanks again for stopping by), to travel and the amazing process of selling yourself to potential employers, some of whom may be reading this.

Shoutout to future employers - I’m pretty amazing. Don't believe me? References available upon request.

Toss in the regular day-to-day shenanigans of dating, gym-ing, getting caught up on TV shows, fostering my new obsession with vinyl, signing up for 10k’s I have no business running, learning how to embrace hoppy beers, making Septa my lady, and figuring out how to leverage social media without being obnoxious, and I’ve got a wealth of material to toss at your eyes.

I’m not promising a perpetual stream of pathos, guidance, and/or actionable life lessons, even though it may accidentally happen from time to time. I’m just going to write with honesty and in a way you’ll hopefully enjoy.

It'll at least be interesting - I promise. 

P.S. Why did I choose that unseasonably cheerful picture with Santa as a header for this entry? Simple - If you took a professional picture of capturing an amateurish selfie w/ St. Nick, you’d want to share it every chance you got, too.